Horror Movie Trivia Night at The Tracyton

Join us, if you dare, for a special Horror Movie Trivia Night at the Tracyton Public House on Monday, October 28th, starting at 7pm.

It will toy with your mind, and surprise you with trick questions, ranging from classic horror films, to 80’s slashers, to the modern-day nightmare-inducing flicks.

It’s free to play, and definitely NOT family friendly. Compete for prizes and BONUS POINTS TO TEAMS IN COSTUME!

* At least half of your team must be in costume to be awarded prizes.
** Six people per team.

The Office Trivia at The Tracyton

The World’s Best Boss has given the go-ahead to host an Office-themed trivia night on Monday, September 9th starting at 7pm.

It is free to play and you compete for something better than a Dundie Award! So gather all of your friends who love The Office and let’s have some fun – what else are you going to do, grow some mung beans in your drawer?

– $12 Half-Pound Burger & Draft Beer
– Kevin’s Famous Chili by the cup or bowl

Do you LOVE The Office? Don’t forget about Cafe Disco: an Office-themed Dance Party on Friday, September 13th with DJ Z and an Office-themed costume contest!

Trivia Night of Champions – Sports Trivia at the Tracyton

Calling all sports fans – and yes, we mean ALL SPORTS! We will be hosting Sports Night Trivia on Monday, July 1st at 8pm.

All questions will be sports-related, including a mix of questions from basketball, baseball, football, hockey, track-and-field, lacrosse, ping pong, bowling, golf, and more!

In addition to our standard prizes for the Winning Teams, we will be giving away a FREE Pair of tickets for a select upcoming Mariner’s Game as an individual prize. How it works: we will ask ONE question and each individual player will give their own answer and whoever gets it right (or is closest) wins the tickets!

Join us for a fun night of SPORTS TRIVIA!
It’s FREE to play – 21+ ONLY

$10 Burger & Beer ALL DAY

Trivia Night at the Tracyton Public House

Join us for Trivia Night every Monday Night (except the last Monday of each month) starting at 8pm! It’s FREE to play and prizes for the winning teams. Unless otherwise stated, it is multiple choice general trivia!

Monday’s Special: $10 Burger & Beer ALL DAY

BONUS QUESTION CLUE: Just like A. Jar, sometimes you have to work to get something open, or started. It only took 6 years for someone to get this well-deserved Day to be recognized on the national calendars in the U.S. after its initial celebration!

**Check in on our events page each week for clues to the upcoming Bonus Question where you can earn 10 extra points for a correct answer! Bonus Question Clues will be posted on the event page of corresponding date.