TPH Sauce – 12oz. Bottle


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Bring our signature TPH sauce home and share it with friends and family – or keep it all to yourself! A blend of several sauces to give it any dish a deliciously balanced flavor.

A mix of honey, garlic, jalapeño, and parmesan that hits all the main flavor senses. Perfect as a topping for your own wings, a dipping sauce, or marinade. Don’t let the jalapeño fool you, it’s more for flavor – this sauce is on the mild side, but has a very small hint of kick.

Spicy Level: Mild(ish)

Bottled and sealed to last on the shelf until opened – so feel free to stock up!

NOTE: We bottle weekly, so if item is sold out and on “back order” we will fulfill within at most 7 days – unless otherwise noted or discussed.

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