We are following all CDC and Washington State Covid-19 guidelines – and more! We will update this page as soon as possible if anything changes, but you are welcome to give us a call at (360)405-6768 during business hours or message us HERE on Facebook for real-time updates from our staff.

CURRENT HOURS: (updated December 30th, 2020)
Monday-Friday: 10am-11pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am-11pm
NOTE: Sunday & Monday nights may close earlier at 10pm if slow

*** UPDATE (December 30th, 2020) : Beginning Wednesday, November 18th, all INDOOR seating was prohibited at all Washington state bars and restaurants for a minimum of 4 weeks and was extended until January 11th, 2021 – we will update this section as needed. During that time, we WILL have our large outdoor seating available and it is covered with several heaters, and we will offer to-go food and sealed cocktails, beer, cider, wine, and take-home cocktail kits and full retail liquor bottles.  

* All guests are required to wear a mask, face shield, or similar covering when inside, whether it is to pass-through towards the beer garden, to order, or use the restroom – covering your nose AND mouth. If that is a problem for any reason, we offer online ordering for take-out (see below).
* All staff is required to wear similar masks and/or coverings.
* (No seating inside temporarily) We have spaced out our tables, removed all bar seating, and partitioned the tables that cannot be spaced with plexiglass.
* 5 guests per table – no exceptions, sorry.
* All alcohol sales must end at 11pm. If the mandates change the current “last call” time to earlier or later, we will then update the current times, until it goes back to the pre-Covid 2am that is standard in Washington State.
* See current state mandates for times alcohol is allowed to be sold and other mandates for bars, restaurants, taverns, breweries, etc. via the state website HERE (linked directly to the bar/restaurant portion of the state website).

These policies are more for clarification on our cleaning procedures, daily specials, staffing, etc.
* We have secured a large, covered outdoor beer garden accessible from the inside – so a covering is still required for a short time when coming in to order or when you first enter the building. You can bring your drinks and food outside into the beer garden. Note: Smoking is allowed on the deck and outdoor smoking section, but but NOT allowed in the covered tent area.
* We have hired extra staff to regularly clean all high-traffic areas and high-touch surfaces (door handles, ordering station, jukebox, pull tab machines, etc.) and provide hand sanitizer for guests at the bar.
* We do accept cash for all transactions.
* Along with wearing coverings, all of our staff is trained on proper cleaning techniques, self-hygiene, and symptoms to look for – and if they experience any of them, or come in close contact with anyone with known exposure, we will take it very seriously and do what is needed to maintain a safe environment for the rest of our staff and guests.
* Most of our in-house daily specials have returned – along with daily take-out specials – with the exception of free pool days, and most events (live music, trivia, etc.). See our Daily Specials HERE for more information.
* If you do not have a mask or similar face covering, we do have two styles for purchase in-house. If you want to pre-order one, you can also order directly online HERE and have it shipped to you.
* We have set-up online ordering for take-out food and drink HERE, purchased a cocktail sealer for new drinks (aka: no to-go cups for leftover cocktails), and are licensed to sell growlers for draft and bottles of wine, liquor, beer, cider, and seltzer (any full bottle).
* We are doing this for your safety, our safety, and must follow these policies to stay open – and minimize the risk of closing temporarily – so please be kind, respect others, and let’s do our part. Whether you think masks are silly or not, these are the steps we all are responsible for doing so we can have some normalcy and stay open for business.